We import and export to the world

Who we are

We are an international business company specialized in houseware, with more than 20 years of experience and deep knowledge on the Brazilian market.


We operate as a direct channel, without any intermediaries between buyers in Brazil and the leading brands worldwide – USA, Europe and Asia.


Focusing on B2B and market intelligence concerning the import of a wide range of products, we create new business opportunities aiming to get the best results for manufacturers and retail network buyers. That provides agility, logistics, distribution and marketing throughout Brazil.


We promote the perfect match. With us, foreign brands find the ideal partners in order to enter the Brazilian market. On the other hand, based on our strategic analysis, retail buyers have a direct access to world-renowned suppliers, finding specific products to their target and portfolio profile.

Know more about Wind

Factory / Retailers / wholesalers


We act as your outpost of international brands in Brazil. It is as if you bought directly from the supplier without any distance or language barriers.


No empty shelves! Our expertise on processes, deadline knowledge and supplier dynamics grants flowability so that your product is always at the store.


With careful evaluation and concentrating on results, we choose products according to your business needs. We are qualified to conduct a curation of such items, which means more time and focus and best results.


We provide imports on behalf of third parties, delivering merchandise ready to hit the stores, at our clients’ distribution centers.



We provide total support for your products in the Brazilian market. Due to our extensive experience and a powerful database, we can help with brand positioning, naming the stores that have the specific profile to sell your products; we can also give business advice, among others services. Our aim is to provide a good uptake of your brand in the country, as well as obtaining the expected outcome.


We act as your outpost in Brazil, providing easy access to the purchasing departments of market leaders retail stores. We introduce your products, negotiate, as well as we go through all the process regarding client relationship with buyers without distance and language barriers.


Contacts are based in our office; that means you will have quick access to several store chains. We are prepared to place your products in the market according to the Brazilian annual schedule, having the best performance on our important dates, meeting deadlines and adjusting the cycle and characteristics of foreign industries to orders made in Brazil.


We believe that a win-win strategy benefits the importer in Brazil and the manufacturer abroad.